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Pre-capture - Red-coloured system message “90 to prepare” (Only the owner and friends may enter the castle. The statue has already appeared but can't be attacked yet).
Battle - Capture/ defence of the castle lasts 90 minutes. Anyone can enter and try to conquer the castle.
The statue is still inactive.
Capture - the statue is available to be destroyed. Whoever inflicts the last damage becomes the owner of the castle.
Only the characters who were added by the owner of the castle can enter the territory of the castle after capture. Use the command .addcastlefriend to add characters to the castle.
On the castle grounds, there is a forest, a mine, and a dungeon available to the owner and the ones on the friends' list.

Start according to GMTime (server's time) - command .time

Ice Castle Siege
On Fridays at 3.00 pm GMT

Forest Castle Siege
On Mondays 6.00 p.m. GMT

Despise Castle Siege
On Wednesdays 12.00 GMT (noon)

Minoc Castle Siege
On Thursdays 9.00 a.m. GMT

You will need a class crafter to take care of cannons:

1) License. At start cannon isn't activated and you will require a license for it. You can buy it in the Market. Double click on the license then target on the cannon.

2) Barricades and doors. They can be crafted using Tinkering skill and require 135 skill points.
The barricades are made of logs and the doors are made of iron.

Double click on the barricades/ doors to set them. They will be placed on the ground. From that point, they are ready to be destroyed (like Lilith's children).

You can enhance the barricades/ doors.
In order to do increase durability, use blacksmith's hammer on the door then click on resources (logs and iron for barricades and doors cost 5k each). You can improve each of your castle's protection 5 times MAX.
The more complicated the material you use to craft a door, the higher the HP bonus you get.
All the barricades/ doors last for 5 hours only and disappear after that.

3) Cannonballs.
3 types of cannonballs:
Piercing - damage, Poisonous - Poison Field, Fire - Fire Field.
Can be crafted by a Tinker.

4) Gunpowder - can be crafted by a Mage, using Alchemy skill.

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