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This skill is required for crafting clothes, leather armor, and bandages.
- To make a thread, double click on linen or cotton and then select the spinning wheel.
- To make yarn, double click on the wool and then select the spinning wheel.
- To make the fabric, double-click on the thread or yarn and then select the loom.
- To make leather patterns, double-click on the scissors, and then select the skin. (although there is no such thing and I don't recall it in 5 years of Zulu gameplay on Zulu).
- To make the bandages, double-click on the scissors and then select the fabric.
- To sew clothes or armor, double-click the sewing kit and then select fabric or leather patterns. You will see a list of items that your character can sew using the amount of present material. Choose an item and if the skill works successfully, it will be crafted.

Train the skill according to the table:
The table of items requirements
To select a proper hide (skin) use the table:
The table of hides

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