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Resist Spells
Lowers damage from spells.
How to train your skill:
The given skill is as difficult in training as the previous one. It improves when magic impacts the character.
30%-60% cast Poison Field and play with it;
Find a monster that can't hit you (it's either very slow or stands behind an obstacle) and attack it, so that the monster starts casting spells on you (preferably Earth or Necro magic spells).
When the skill reaches 60% you can start training in many ways:
1. Cast 3-4 or more demons, then command them anything! Demons are not tamed from this point. Repeat after they disappear.
2. A more difficult way: Look for Inferno Dragon and start sparring with it (it's better to put on Fire Immunity clothes).
3. The most difficult way: Find a tamer who will tame 2 Inferno Dragons. Keep close while they are sparring with each other.
4. Short time required, but rather expensive (48 hours): Cast Air, Fire and Water Lord Elements while they are tamed. Immunity protects are necessary.
5. Extremely expensive, though the skill is trained very quickly (less than 24 hours): Cast Summon Spirit. You must wear AIR & WATER IMMUNITY protection.

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