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This skill increases the speed of mana's refill and can be used in two different ways. The first one is called passive meditation and lies in the simple inaction of the character. The speed of mana recovery, in this case, depends on the skill of meditation, as well as on the availability of armor. The heavier the armor, the slower the mana is restored. Conversations, casting spells, using skills and searching corpses also interfere with meditation. The second way is called active meditation and is much more effective, but requires effort on the part of the character and doesn't always end up successfully. To use this method, select Meditation in the skills window. When your character reaches trance, you will see “You enter a meditative trance” on the screen. If you fail, you will see “You cannot focus your concentration”, although this shouldn't stop you from trying again later. Active meditation continues for as long as your character remains still and doesn't use weapons. If any of these rules are violated the mediation stops and you see “You lost your concentration”. If your character has full mana, it will be impossible to meditate and you will see a message “You are at peace”.

How to train your skill:
Meditation is trained along with the training of Magery and Inscription.

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