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The skill is automatically used while casting spells.
To use (to cast) a spell you may use two ways: directly from Spellbook or from scrolls
How to train your skill:
We advise you to pick the cheapest spell (requiring the cheapest reagents or the smallest amount of them).
30%-40% - 3 circle spells (e.g. FireBall, Bless);
40%-50% - 4 circle spells (e.g. Lighting, Fire Field, Recall);
50%-60% - 5 circle spells (e.g. Mark);
60%-70% - 6 circle spells (Energy Bolt);
70%-80% - 7 circle spells (Flame Strike);
80%-110% - 8 circle spells (Resurrection);
110%-130% - scrolls Book of the Earth | Codex Damnorum
It's better to create a scroll and cast a spell from it, because it's almost impossible to find necro reagents.

1. Because of the reagents' high cost, it's better to cast from scrolls. The inscription is trained at the same time.
2. Magery can be trained along with Spirit Speak and Meditation skills (look for scripts on the forum).
3. It's okay if a chosen skill fizzles sometimes. At this moment the biggest % of Magery growth is involved.

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