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This skill allows you to get wood from trees. When your skill increases, you have the chance to get more valuable tree types. Sometimes you can get Dead Wood along with ordinary wood. Dead Wood is a magical component for the school of necromancy. Alchemy is also required for crafting bottles.

How to train your skill:
A simple way to train - grab an axe and go ahead towards conquering the woods.
(See the table to learn about wood types).
The table
The table of logs

The skill improves not depending on successful attempts, but on the quality and quantity of received wood. It is worth mentioning, that an axe breaks awfully often when the skill level is low. You can buy an axe or craft it yourself

P.S. The more complicated the metal the axe is made from, the lower the chance for it to break down.
Attention: Xarafax Axe can break too! Don't use it unless you are 2 level Crafter and Lumberjacking skill is higher than 120.

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