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Use bandages then double-click on an injured character. If succeeded, the health of a wounded person improves and the bandages are wasted.

How to train your skill:

Healing is the most difficult skill to train. It is trained with bandages, but has an important rule: in order for your training to be efficient, you should improve as much health as possible. You should figure such HP number, during which the skill grows fast and you do not waste a lot of bandages. When your skill reaches 90 you should switch to training with the help of any character's resurrection.

Up to 130 Healing, it's better to train with poison. For example while sparring with Scorpion, Poison Drake (depending on skill level). Also has a training bonus if a big amount of HP was healed.
- it's better to put on clothes + Strength or to ask a Mage to cast
- When Warrior's resist = 0, Mage inflicts damage with a certain spell = Х+/-10, in this way, if damage interest is figured properly, healing is trained fast.

P.S. I've always trained Healing to 130 by resurrecting another character.

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