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Bowcraft / Fletching

Use the dagger on a tree (logs). You will see a list of bows and arrow shafts that your hero can make. Pick an item you want and if done correctly, it will be crafted. Arrows should be feathered to complete them out of shafts, . To do this, double-click on the shafts and then click once on the feathers.

Just like in Blacksmithy, it is important to choose the right kinds of trees.

How to train your skill:
Until 30-33% of skill level use arrows. It's important to make arrows one by one.
From 30% to 45% - make bows of a plain tree.
After 45% make bows out of colorful logs until a heavy crossbow is available to be created out of plain logs.
Next, create a heavy crossbow out of colorful logs until your skill reaches 150-170%.
Also, you can train by making bolts one by one till your skill reaches 130, but it's a long way.
Таблица добычи логов

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