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It depends so much on the race!
Several races have racial bonuses.

Barbarian. Battle madness of Barbarians makes them desperately look for weaknesses in their enemies, therefore a chance of crit increases by 10% in short-range combats.
Elf. The ancient art of Archery and perfect Elfs’ vision allow a chance of crit in long-range combat to increase by 10%.
Orc. Orcs’ fury and strength increase all damage short-range combat by 10%.
Goblin +10% to a chance to dodge + 10% Intelligence.
Dwarf Dwarfs get 10 units less damage from any attacks and magic because of natural resistance and their bodily and spiritual strength.
Dark Elf The ancient traditions of using both dark and light magic among Dark Elves allows them to use magic more efficiently. So, their magic increases by 20% and the time of completing a spell decreases by 5%.
Human Кaised in big cities they are used to pave the way without being noticed. As a result, chances to find a hiding human decrease by 5%. Also, chances to inflict damage increase by 5% in long- and short-range combats.

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