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Charming the items

You can charm the items using the Inscription skill. After using the skill, a cursor will appear. Using it choose any Exceptional item (any type of it). Then pick the alchemy symbol you want.
Crafters make such symbols out of clay using the Tinkering skill. You can get clay in different parts of the world, for example in a swamp. Get it the way you would get any other material. Also, you will need gems that you can get from a Jeweler. The amount of charges of a charmed item depends on the number of spent jewels.

Start with a small number of charges, because in case of failure all spent resources are destructed and your character gets damaged.

Charmed items may be recharged using the Inscription skill. Choose a charmed item and then the necessary /gems.

A table of various chars and the value of each rune (for non-class characters):

Mages spend much fewer gems than a non-class character.

Toxins Resistance Cures the aim.
Recalling Leaves to a default city if the aim wasn’t damaged.
Thunder Storm Mass Lightning.
RegenerationHP Brings the recovery of the aim, like Bard's regeneration.
Life Stream restores 450-500 HP\Mana\Stamina to you and your allies (group/guild). Resurrects the dead. The recharge is in 12 seconds.

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