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Game Commands

Command Description
.skills Very convenient skill window for classes.
.c Allows to communicate will all the guilds online or to private message your guild. You need Guildstone for this command.
.count Counts the number of items in a chosen bag.
.fixme Updates all character’s options. (This command will help if you get killed at once or if your protection doesn’t the proper way.
.removejewels Removes all the jewels from a character.
.guards Call the city guards.
.hungry Allows to define how hungry your character is.
.redeed Turn into deed.
.showclasse Shows your level and class.
.where Shows your currents location (map reference).
.reags Shows the number of reagents.
.online Shows the list of characters online.
.options Personal settings – password change, built-in uoloop and auto-healing settings.
.suicide To die.
.scast <option> - allows to cast Necro Magic and Earth Magic from the scrolls.
.rescue Teleport to the nearest city (only when a ghost)
.forceportal Turns on the automatic moving while entering the portals. Otherwise a confirm dialogue appears.
.msg PM any char in the game
.reply Replies to a private message
.msgsetup Allows you to switch the text’s colour of the commands .msg и .reply. Enter: 1 to 1000, default settings if -1.
.myinfo Your char’s info. Using this menu you can chose any skill to train (up to 150) , Str, Dex or Int training.

If you put colon (:) and a space ( ) before the line, your text will be highlighted with another colour and 2 asterisks (**). In this way players distinguish their character's description of emotions or actions from the chatacter's lines.

If you put semicolon (;) and a space ( ) before the line, this line will be seen only to the characters near you.

If you put exclamation point (!) and a space ( ) before the line, it will be seen even to the characters who are far away from you.

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