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Bottles Commands

.drink <option> - Allows to use bottles.

Option Effect
lheal light heal
heal heal
gheal greater heal
lpoison lesser poison
poison poison
gpoison greater poison
dpoison deadly poison
lexpl lesser explosion
expl explosion
gexpl greater explosion
ldex lesser agility
dex agility
gdex greater agility
refresh refresh
frefresh full refresh
lstr lesser strength
str strength
gstr greater strength
night nightsight
lcure lesser cure
cure cure
gcure greater cure
invis invisibility
lint Phandel's Fine Intellect
int Phandel's Fabulous Intellect
gint Phandel's Fantastic Intellect
lprotect lesser Mego Invulnerability
protect Mego Invulnerability
gprotect greater Mego Invulnerability
magref Grand Mage Refresh Elixir
homeric Homeric Might
ghomeric Greater Homeric Might
talma Tamla
ltrans Taint's Minor Transmutation
gtrans Taint's Major Transmutation

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