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Stealth settings

Necessary files:

1. Official UO client (Is set up on C:\uo_zuluhotel by default. The article is based on this root.)

2. Stealth Client (Is set on ZH by default. “Includes” are already set up. Archive.)

3. Client 400c (Default client from ZH pack, just in case.)

How to set up:

1. Set up the UO. The archive is unpacked to C:\uo_zuluhotel by default.

2. Download Stealth, unpack to C:\uo_zuluhotel\Stealth

3. Launch Stealth. C:\uo_zuluhotel\Stealth\Stealth.exe

4. Stealth settings:

4.1 Add your account to stealth:

- > Settings

4.2 Adding your account to stealth
  • - Name of your character
  • - Login\Pass
  • - In “Shard” select ZH
  • - In “How to select character”. it's better to select “Always select shard 1 char 1”. Considering that this way, there must be only 1 character on the account only.

Your account has been added, press “+” then press Save button.

That's how it should look:

Press Save and Close.

5. Launching UO Client.

In the following Stealth as default settings standard addresses have been put. Therefore, if you have done everything according to the list, you may skip the next step. For those who have already set Stealth, here is client settings:

UO settings in Stealth

5.1 Go to client settings.

5.2 Check \ Enter shard's settings

5.3 Go to client settings


Change resolution - Select a necessary resolution in UO. It's not recommended to select higher resolution than 1024 x 768, as servers data transfer is limited to ~ 15 tiles. Therefore, you won't see any more than set, although artifacts, black squares and grey mobs/characters will appear on the screen.

Remove Stamina check - Removes Stamina check in the client. Allows you to run through the mobs/ characters.

Patch to Multiclient - Allows to launch more than one copy of UO client.

6. Connect to the shard. Launch the client.

  1. Connect
  2. When your character's HP/ Stamina/ Mana bars have appeared, it means your character is connected. Select Start Client.

Additional info

For a proper work of gumps and targets in stealth:


Turn on Full Mode

Stealth is able to:

  • info
  • infotile
  • infogump
  • getgumpscount
  • massmove
  • useobject
  • hide
  • setcatchbag и unsetcatchbag
  • setreceivingcontainer, unsetreceivingcontainer
  • emptycontainer
  • grab
  • drophere
  • morph
  • usetype
  • light
  • bandageself
  • usefromground

Just like in Inject, all the commands are typed with a comma.

To make the lightning brighter ,light 1

Fix for a stable Stealth work!

1. In Stealth settings uncheck Save packets log Save Debug log

that will stop it from freezing at night

2. Ctrl+alt+del

To set the “real time” priority for stealth.exe

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